I am the first student who has gone through the training program offered by Joju way back in 1988, even before he professionally started the training classes. I was happy to be taught and trained in Math by him with considerable expertise and success orientation. Joju has a great depth in the topics that were covered and was able to discuss and strengthen me off-topic areas as well. His technical expertise was reflected in all areas of the course and everything was done very professionally. His dynamic approach kept the momentum going, boost the confidence in achieving success. I wish Thomas Classes all success

“Excellent teaching technique, inherently motivating and informative”

Rajeev Saini – Student: Bhopal, India

My experience with Thomas Classes has been excellent. Not only does my daughter get to learn everything ahead of her school but she gets all the extra help she needs. Near exam time she is able to visit the class as much as she needs. Joju is always available to help, and my daughter is even able to call him from home if she has any questions from her homework.

We will always encourage friends andfamily to join Thomas Classes

Deepak and Dharmila Prajapati: Parent : Mississauga, Canada

“interactive, fun and easily understandable”

Baljeet Dhanota : Parent : Mississauga, Canada

Our two daughters, though intelligent and doing well, found it difficult to cope with their studies after migrating to Canada. However we contacted Joju Thomas of Thomas Classes, who not only coached them well but also helped them earn higher percentage in their academic exams. He also played the part of a mentor and friend helping guide them in their career choice and goal achievement.

We wish him well and his classes continued success.

Lizy Fernandes : Parent: Mississauga, Canada


Thanks to Thomas classes, I was able to understand the basic, fundamental concepts in math and physics. Joju Sir took the time to explain these underlying concepts and ensured that we understood them very well. This enabled us, as students, to solve the questions (which required us to apply these concepts) with relative ease. While my peers at school were struggling to solve a question, I would be able to solve the question without picking up a pen and paper. Furthermore, Joju Sir is extremely flexible in his timings. Even if I called him at 2 am at night or 6 am in the morning, he was available to answer my questions. Thanks to him, not only did my grades improve, but he motivated us and taught us how to study effectively and efficiently.

Aditi Desai : Student: Mississauga, Canada

Thomas Classes have provided me with the one-on-one attention that I cannot get in school. I think the classes are very helpful for asking questions and clearing doubts due to the open environment and small number of people per session. The fact that I could ask questions and get answers over the phone or online, in the comfort of my own home, is a bonus.

Neonika Fernandes : Student : Mississauga, Canada

Only with great appreciation and gratitude can we mention about Thomas classes, which, through it’s systematic and guided approach has provided a very valuable support for our son to achieve remarkable improvement in his academic grades. We wish Joju Sir and his team all the very best in their future endeavors and sincerely hope that this mission be a great success in imparting knowledge to the future generation.

Ram and Mini, parents, Burlington